Friday, December 9, 2016

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

How exciting. My parcel in Chookyblue's SSCS has arrived. I'm not sure who my partner is yet but what I do know is that she is from New Zealand  and is very clever with needle and thread.

A lovely ornament with cross stitched snowman and koala. How cute!! And although the photo doesn't show it here, the koala's ears are fluffy. Absolutely lovely.

Thank you to my secret Santa who will have to stay a secret for a little longer. And thank you to Chookyblue for organising the swap.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Up with the birds

I truly love to be awake and out working while the birds are still making their morning ruckus. I'm not sure how everyone else here sleeps through it actually. It is so nice to have those moments to myself though and then to get started outside working before the heat and the flies clock on. 


The climbing Iceberg rose has had some pruning. Unplanned, but I'm sure it will be none the worse for the trim.


Like mother, like daughter. Trilby had to have a nibble too. I'm glad they are small cows because elsewise they'd probably be over the fence not just chewing tidbits.

I'm just glad these girls don't mind mowing the lawn for me.

Some more gladioli are blooming. This is one of my favourites, a soft pink colour. I've had to stake it though because it just won't stand up on its own.

Back when the weather was mild and much kinder, I decided to make a new vegetable garden in the orchard. Just a long straight bed really and somewhere especially for the pumpkins to ramble when they get growing. This is the first thing to be ready from the new bed, some lovely and slightly hot French breakfast radish. I've never had a radish for breakfast so maybe I should give it a try someday.
For now the radish are being enjoyed in salads and as snacks.


Saturday, December 3, 2016


Wow. Here we are in December already. After the cool and wet spring, summer is already striking back and it is HOT and starting to look a bit dry in the paddocks around the district. I know the vegetable garden wants me to water it every day but at the moment I am trying to stretch it to every second.

 I had a big surprise on Thursday morning. My very own Advent calendar all the way from Germany thanks to Grace. I'm loving it. 24 different teas, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas. I'm even loving that i can't understand a word of it except for "Tee" of course.

And hooray, fresh beans are on the menu. And there are a few tomatoes on their way too. I guess the heat is good for something besides melting the too many chocolatey temptations I have in the house.

And dahlias. Just getting the first blooms now. Slightly later than last year but a welcome spot of colour in the garden.

Ok. Off to have today's tea. I do believe it is Darjeeling.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Totally unrelated picture of a couple of my sheep

Oh my this year has gone by in such a flash. I'm still playing catch up. But happily for me I will soon have my little family all at home even if it is for a short time. So if I don;t catch up and get all the things on my to-do list done, I don;t really care too much.

I have been missing interacting with all of you, my lovely blogging friends. It is this terribly slow internet. Well not just slow, sometimes it just doesn't connect at all. I'm sure there is a message in there for me. Today however it is the beginning of my internet month so it is behaving and I will probably use it all up in one fell swoop. Not right now though. I have oodles of plants that need to be planted out. And even more poppies to put on the compost heap before they set seed. They are pretty but they can take over if you let them.

By the way. The cool spring is over. It is hot and I think the flies are making up for lost time. They are awful.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Away and Home

We had a quick weekend trip to visit family living in Wellington, NSW. Oh boy was it hot there. They have had rain recently so it is greener out west than I've seen it but not like home.

I'm still struggling with internet issues at home. I think it might be time to investigate how the local NBN is coming along. Last report from our provider was they were having teething issues. But hey they are having issues with the satellite too so it might be worth making the change. Then again I am thinking of taking the whole month of January off from online stuff.

The trip away was truly lovely but how nice to be home again.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Odd weather

I think by this time of the year a lot of us Aussies are whinging about the heat and the dry. Not this year. It is cold and wet. Cold enough this morning to have the fire on. And wet enough to keep the tanks and dams topped up and not much need to water the garden either. I'm loving it really. Even if the summer vegetables are behind compared to other years, they will catch up when the heat kicks in. 

I have my share of zemblanity but in a moment of serendipity on the weekend, I found the box of flower and herb seeds that I had stored safely away months ago. Of course I should have known they were in a lunch box on the floor of the shed. That is the best place to store anything. Right? 😕 And look at that, I found the emoticons and other symbols that blogger has provided us with. 🎕

Gold Medal

I wish I could say all of my roses looked as pretty as this one but nope. The wind and rain is giving them a hard time.
Hope rose looking hopeless

Mostly they look like this one. All ragged and sad. Dead heading is on the to-do list sometime soon.

I have taken care of the root stock which was springing forth from some of the grafted roses. I guess it is kind of pretty in a way. It fights back with plenty of scratches for my trouble.

I'm feeling quite disorganised at the moment. So many things to do and thoughts running through my mind. Insomnia is not helping that's for sure. Keep calm and carry on is the order of the day.

And just a picture of one of my drakes. I need to find a nice home/ homes for two young drakes. It seems that not many people want drakes. Ducks on the other hand are in demand. I would keep them all but too many drakes does not make for happy ducks. The fighting can be pretty fierce.

Ok. Work to do.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Around the place this week.

Nothing doing

I have been busy offline. Nothing unusual about that, I am quite often busy and quite often I am busy doing nothing. A little bit of lovely mail came in this week and more letters were sent out. My sister sent me a Christmas advent card (she knows I love them) and I think she was (not really) disappointed that her card wasn't my first this year. I guess that means I should get busy writing my own. Have to write a list first of course.

My friend, Nadine, gave me a few plants a while ago. This one is flowering at last. It's such a pretty soft pink and these succulents are truly indestructible as long as they have some water.

Mulberries are ripening. It is the best crop of mulberries I've ever had. Well it will be if I can beat the birds and Hope.

Other things I have been up to this week. Drenching sheep. Shearing was on the to-do list but there have been storms and rain and wet sheep and shearing don't mix well.

Went for a day trip. I had something on order in a nearby town and it was ready to be picked up and it was a very good excuse to do some bush walking, buy some nice bread (wood fired ovens make a difference)and visit my favourite cafe.

As far as the storms go. There have been  three big ones this week. Two of which resulted in blackouts. And both blackouts at dinner time. I rely on electricity for cooking and last night I had the vegetables prepared and the stove on to cook rice. There was too much lightning around to cook on the barbeque so it was Vegemite sandwiches all round. Not too bad actually and the best bit, tonight's dinner is already prepared.

I have to say I am so grateful for the rain that we have had this spring. It makes all the difference to the garden and pastures. Summer won't be so bad this year no matter how hot it gets because the soil has moisture.

Now I truly have to do some stitching. Time is running out.